Consultations in English

I offer natal astrology consultations.

Natal astrology is the interpretation of your birth chart in order to put into perspective your current life events, get a glimpse of what the future has in store for you, and/or better understand yourself.

I use the tropical zodiac, ancient techniques and perspectives of the Hellenistic tradition such as whole sign houses and traditional rulerships. I also incorporate some modern elements, using outer planets and asteroids, although not in rulership considerations but as additional information for delineation.

I approach consultations as a conversation, I find it to be more helpful and interesting for everyone involved. You talk about your circumstances, I explain the astrology behind it, we discuss. I do my best to accompany you in any issue you might be facing by providing a perspective of the astrological patterns and cycles that relate to it. While my practice strives to be trauma-informed, but I should stress that it is not meant to substitute therapy. I follow ISAR’s code of ethics.

If you have any questions about my approach to astrology, feel free to contact me about it, via the contact form on my website, or by DM on Twitter!


I am not taking any new clients at present time. If you would like to be informed when my books open again, you can let me know by filling in your email address here!


In order to calculate your birth chart, I’ll need your birth date, hour and location. The hour of birth needs to be as precise as possible. If you can’t get an hour of birth, it is possible to do without; however, because interpretation is so much more precise with a detailed hour of birth (since it determins the degree of the Ascendant and the twelve Houses), I’d really recommand getting it if you can, ideally from a birth certificate.

Consultations are done by videochat on Skype, and are recorded so you can keep the file afterwards.

If for accessibility reasons you want the consultation to take place by writing, please specify it in your intake form.

As for duration, there are different possibilities : a mini-consultation (30 minutes), standard (60 minutes) or maxi-consultation (90 minutes). And yes, this is very much inspired by Jo Gleason’s take on this, many thanks to her!

Choose a mini-consultation if:

  • You want to try out what astrology has to offer without committing to the time or cost of a standard or maxi-reading
  • You have something very specific in mind but don’t need a full consultation 
  • You want a supplemental reading focused on a specific area of like (relationships, career, internal reflections/journey)
  • You saw something on Twitter, in a book, or in passing that you want to learn more about
  • You’ve had a consult with me in the past 3-6 months and want to follow up on a specific configuration, placement, transit, or topic

Choose a standard consultation if:

  • You want a general, standard reading that covers all the bases
  • This is your first reading and you don’t have a specific topic or configuration you’d like to focus on
  • You’ve had a consult with me in the past 3-6 months and want to follow up and deep dive into a specific configuration, placement, transit, or topic
  • You’d like to learn more about the transits and activations from certain time period in a retrospective consult

Choose a maxi-consultation if:

  • You want the full experience of what an astrology reading has to offer, with plenty of extra time for exploration and diving deep
  • In addition to a standard reading, you have a specific topic, configuration, or transit you’d like to focus on
  • You’re a student or enthusiast and you’d like to use this opportunity to explore the techniques and systems behind the delineations 


At the moment, it is my wish for the price of consultations to be directly offered to a solidarity fund. I’ve put together a list of funds supporting trans people, either solidarity funds by associations or individual ones. The first one, FAST is a major organisation providing support to trans people in France. The second one, Espace Santé Trans, is an association which seeks to help trans people in their access to healthcare. The remaining are to individual funds by and for trans people looking to fund their transition.

The advised minimum price for a consultation is 50 to 90 euros, although because accessibility is a priority, there is no set obligation. I trust you to set a price that is reasonable for you. You can refer to this article for help figuring it out!

I haven’t yet decided how long I’ll procede this way, but I currently feel the deep need to politicise my astrological practice in this manner, by prioritising directly the support to fellow trans people in their endeavours to cover medical costs.

You can add a tip via PayPal if you wish.

Looking forward to getting to share with you my passion for astrology!