In English

Hi there!

The aim of this website is mostly to provide resources for French-speakers, and as such, I don’t intend to translate every single blog post, as most of them have equivalents in English already (and some are actually translations from articles in English!).

However, I’m available for consultations with English-speakers. I’m bilingual; French is my mothertongue, but I have a university degree in literary English and speak English on a daily basis. I also study astrology in English, whether it be books or online courses and webinars. I’m therefore confident I can welcome English-speaking clients, and would love to!

Here is my presentation page in English.

Here is the consultations page with all the info you might need in order to book.

And here is the form to book a consultation!

If you wish to contact me, feel free to use the contact form, or DM me on Twitter 🙂