In English

Hi there!

The aim of this website is mostly to provide resources for French-speakers, and as such, I don’t intend to translate every single blog post, as most of them have equivalents in English already (and some are actually translations from articles in English!). I do post in English occasionally, and you can find these specific articles in the dedicated category here.

With that being said, I am available for consultations with English-speakers. I’m bilingual; French is my mothertongue, but I have a university degree in literary English and speak English on a daily basis. I also study astrology in English, whether it be books or online courses and webinars. I can welcome English-speaking clients without a problem, and I’m happy to!

Here is my presentation page in English.

You can find more information about my approach (people who inspire me, techniques I use, those I don’t, etc), here.

Here is the consultations page with all the info you might need in order to book.

And here is the form to book a consultation!

If you wish to contact me, feel free to use the contact form, or DM me on Twitter 🙂