My approach

This page aims to detail the different elements I study and use currently, as well as those that I don’t. This list is not exhaustive, but it should do the groundwork! This is mostly technical, and if you’re looking for insight regarding my general approach, my presentation page or the ethics code I follow might be more relevant.

My main background as far as studying goes is neo-Hellenistic, but I’m also interested in other traditions, by no means a purist. I’m an alumni of Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology Course in 2021, as well as Bernadette Brady’s Star School. I’ve also studied recorded classes by Austin Coppock about the Nodes, the decans, planetary remediation, among other topics. Demetra George’s teachings have also been foundational for me.

While I’m generally curious about astrology and the many rich traditions that it comprises, my deepest love resides in the study of fixed stars in parans. Besides studying with Bernadette Brady’s books and lectures, I have been tremedously inspired by my estimeed colleagues Amaya Rourke, Moisés Díaz, Sasha Ravitch and Chloe Margherita. As an astrolater and astrological magician I am also indebted to Kaitlin Coppock, Austin Coppock, Christopher Warnock and Nina Gryphon for their generous teachings. I take an animistic approach to the stars and planets. However, familiarity with animism an ritual is by no means necessary to work with me, and proselytism is not my cup of tea.

Among the many other colleagues who inspire me, I should mention Kelly Surtees, Diana Rose Harper, Spencer Michaud, Jenn Zahrt, Nick Dagan Best, Fredom Cole, Sam F Reynolds, Michael J. Morris, Jo O’Neill, Maeg of Third Sister, Kira Ryberg, Hawk Grubb, Pallas K. Augustine, Jeanna Kadlec, Kirah Tabourn, Alyssia Osorio, Adina Herzel, Drew Levanti, Ursula Rising, djenneba drammeh, Adira Osland, Camille Michelle Gray, Mo Olufemi, Alice Sparkly Kat… The list is not exhaustive in the least! Lee Lehman, Robert Hand, Chani Nicholas, Ben Dykes’ translations and Project Hindsight works also have a good place in my library. While I wouldn’t describe my practice as archetypal, I have appreciation for the work of Richard Tarnas, Renn Butler and Becca Tarnas in particular within that field.

Sometimes clients might have requests which I can’t fulfil because they require the use of techniques that are not within my field of expertise. In such a case, I try to provide referrals as I can.

Components, approaches and techniques I do use

– Whole Sign Houses

– fixed stars (mostly in parans, but I also look at conjunctions to ecliptic degrees)

– major aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trigones, oppositions) including sign-based

– traditional rulerships

– tropical zodiac

– transits

– profections (annual and monthly, by sign — I do intend to study continuous profections in the future but haven’t gotten around to it yet!)

– Solar returns

– decans (Chaldeans + triplicity)

– Egyptian terms

– Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (as important planets but not as rulers of any signs)

– goddess asteroids (Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno et Vesta) as well as Chiron and other asteroids depending on the situation

– Hermetic Lots, particularly Fortune, Esprit et Eros

– Lunar Nodes (see this course for more info on my approach)

– secondary progressions

– decanic corrrespondances with Tarot cards

– zodiacal releasing (if the nativity allows it)

– planetary days and hours

Components, approaches and techniques I do not use

Nota bene: I don’t necessarily condemn the use of what is listed here!

– modern rulerships (the idea that Uranus rules Aquarius, Pluto rules Scorpio and Neptune rules Pisces)

– the equivocation of signs and Houses (Aries = 1st House, Taurus = 2nd House, etc)

– sidereal zodiac (I don’t suscribe to the idea that there is one « right » zodiac, I simply happen to use tropical)

– Vertex

– evolutionary approach to the Nodes and/or Pluto

– conditionalist astrology

– quadrant Houses and intercepted Houses

– minor aspects (biquintile, sesquicarré, quiconce, etc)

– « twin flames »

– draconic astrological themes

– I do not read the nativity of any third party in consultation

– Ptolemaic terms

– Manilius decans

– outer planes decans

– Lilith (I do use True Lilith to figure out the Moon’s speed, but that’s about it)

– Eris